Friday, June 27, 2008

Wasp Problem

We have had a wasp problem in our backyard for a few years. One year it was so bad that we could not eat outside because there would be about 20 wasps hanging around. As soon as the bbq was fired up the wasps came a swarming. We could not find the nest in our yard so thought it must be in our neighbours yard. The neighbours live inside all summer with the air conditioning on, so the wasps were not a problem for them.

We found a solution.
We bought one of these.

Below is what it looks like in our tree.
I think it looks great! Problem is we did not read the instructions very carefully.

Step 5 says:
Enjoy a wasp free area. Remember not to leave the simulated wasp nest in the rain or it will spoil. (It has been thoroughly wet a few times with the thunderstorms we have been having)

I decided that I would like to knit one but could not find a pattern. I did find a crocheted one called Wasp Be Gone Nest I did learn to crochet when I was a child but not very well. I really preferred knitting. I was also taught the British terminology. I had to find a book of crochet stitches so that I could figure out what the differences where in regards to the terminology. I think I did pretty well. I have finished the wasps nest & have already stuffed it with plastic bags.

Below is my crocheted version

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Projects Finished

I made a Marialis End-to-End Scarf in Patons Lacette, colourway Lilac Lace. This pattern is from the 101 Designer One Skein Wonders book by Myra A I Stahman. I really enjoyed making this scarf that I tried to make another one in exactly the same yarn but for some reason I could not get the pattern to work, maybe it was SSS - no not second sock syndrome but Second Scarf Syndrome.

My next scarf I cast on after I frogged the second Marialis End-to-End Scarf was Branching Out from I said that I would NEVER knit Branching Out. Well you should never say never! I actually enjoyed knitting this pattern. I said that I would never knit this because I think everyone in the whole world has knit this pattern. It turned out really well.

Friday, June 20, 2008

What I Have Been Up To!!

So what have I been up to lately!! I went to Rose's Fine Yarns of Niagara for WWKIP Day, June 14, 2008. The weather co-operated nicely, thank you. Met lots of new knitters & crocheters in the area, as well as old friends. We had a wonderful time in the sitting area.

We all received goodie bags when we registered in the morning. In my goodie bag there was Pittsburgh yarn in a red colour, Filtes King Velour yarn in a grey colour, patterns, & a Webkinz cat. The cat was really cute & since DD#2 loves cats, I gave mine to her. She did not attend the event.

I made a Tudora from the purple Filtes King Velour my DD#1 received in her goodie bag. It turned out really nice. I was able to get away with only one skein of yarn as I only knitted 3 inches instead of 3.75 inches the pattern calls for. I made this for DD#1 & she is not a big person. It worked out perfect & looks really great on her. It will also look great with her black leather coat.