Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Friendship Afghan Project

"Danger Will Robinson Danger"
A Friendship Afghan project

I participated in a Friendship Afghan project on Ravelry. I thought it was the neatest idea. My daughter Canadiangirl turns 21. In New Zealand the 21st birthday is a big deal - or at least when I was growing up. I wanted to do something special for Canadiangirl. I was inspired to make a afghan made up of squares donated by friends on Ravelry. I wanted to keep this project a secret from Canadiangirl. I had the squares sent to a friend's address so she did not see them.

My friend SE dropped off the squares at our house one afternoon when Canadiangirl was home. I had to let DD#2 know what was going on so she could intercept SE & get the squares to my bedroom so Canadiangirl did not see them. DD#2 ran down the hall yelling "Danger Will Robinson" It must have looked absolutely hilarious!!

Knitting items for Canadiangirl is difficult as she knits as well & tends to want to know what I am knitting. I have devised a plan so that I can knit something without her knowing. I bought a Red file folder to denote DANGER & told her that this folder I was using for knitting patterns that I thought she would like & ones on her ravelry queue, if she would like to spoil the surprise go ahead and peek.

She looked at the file folder & with arms flailing & a cheeky grin on her face she says "Danger Will Robinson Danger" from the cheesy TV program "Lost in Space" We both ended up howling with laughter. I then took a Sharpie and printed on the outside of the folder "Danger Will Robinson Danger"

It has been quite amusing trying to keep this a secret but I have managed as when she opened up the Friendship Afghan this afternoon she had no idea & was absolutely thrilled with it. I also printed out the profile page of all the contributors & took a photo of the squares that they sent me. The completed afghan looks absolutely wonderful.