Sunday, May 22, 2005

Darling Daughter #2's Poncho

Darling Daughter #2's poncho.
The pattern is Lionbrand's Laced Poncho.

I used Phentex Worsted in the 454g skein. I did cast on more stitches to make the poncho a little wider because I substituted the yarn.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Instructions for the Aluminium Pop Tab Belt

I have been asked by quite a few people for instructions for this belt. So here goes:

I used:
99 Aluminium Pop Tabs
Needloft Craft Cord Nylon blend - 1 skein of black & 1 of gold. It comes in skeins of 10 yards/9.2 m. I got it at Lewiscraft for $1.99 CDN per skein.
Barrel Pony Beads from Wal-Mart.

The belt is double-sided. The tabs are placed back to back with one overlapping the other so you weave the cord through both tabs. I cut the cord in 2.5 metre lengths. I had 2 gold and 2 black cords this length. I wove the gold cord first and then the black on the top and then did the same on the bottom . Remember to keep all the tabs the same way up. When the belt is finished you tie a knot with both cords. Then I threaded 3 beads on the top and bottom cords in the combination of gold/black/gold. I then braided the cord approx 4-5 inches tied a knot in both combination of cords black/gold. I then threaded 3 more beads on each cord in the combination of gold/black/gold (total of 6 beads at the end of the belt . Tied a knot in the end & voila you have finished. I did burn the ends of the cord to melt it so that the beads do not fall off. (I am not sure whether this is necessary)
I hope this makes sense!

Potato Chip Scarf

I made this Potato Chip Scarf in an afternoon. It is really neat the way it curls. It is definitely a more decorative scarf than a functional one. I love it!! It will go perfectly with my new coat!!!The yarn I used is 'Gemini Designer Yarn' Lewiscraft's own brand. It is a camel colour called 'Party' & it is very similar to Paton's Allure.

The link for the pattern is:

Friday, May 06, 2005

Recycled Aluminium Pop Tab Belt

This is what I have been making this week. It is not knitting but is a craft!!

It is a belt made from Aluminium Pop Tabs. My DD's went nuts, they absolutely loved the one I borrowed from a friend who bought it on vacation in Florida. I was told in no uncertain terms that I had to make one each for them. I also made one for myself. I did have to scrounge the pop tabs as we do not drink pop. Thank you Oma!!

Now I want to make a purse from the pop tabs. I like the one called 'Socorro' It only takes over 700 tabs.
Help Oma!! LOL!!

Rainbow Feather & Fan Shawl

This is another Homespun Shawl in Chunky.

I also did another set of the Feather & Fan pattern to make it the right width. The finished length of this Rainbow Shawl is 58 - 60 inches as I wanted to repeat the colours.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Update on Pneumonia Prevention Vests

As of today I have crocheted 16 PPV's.
Am I addicted or what?? LOL!!!

They are very easy to make & crochet up really fast, takes me 1- 2 days. I have used up a lot of leftovers from my stash!!