Monday, December 31, 2007

End of Year Inventory

What was finished for Christmas

Extermaknit (Christmas gift for DD#1)
2 slingshots (stocking stuffers)
Allette (for DD's friend)

Om Yoga Mat Bag was finished a few days after Christmas (for DD#2)
2 Soot Sprites are not going to be for Valentines Day

Opal Socks are still on the needle and they are about 60% done.

Will add pics soon

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Will I Make It!

Christmas is just 10 days away!! Will I make it!! I did lose about 2 weeks knitting time due to a family situation, family comes before knitting!!

To Date:
Christmas Gift - DD#1 - 95% done (just need to sew up)
Kitchen Towel/Dishcloth set - Hostess gift - Done
2 Slingshots - Stocking Stuffers - #1: Done, #2: 10% done
Allete - DD's friend's birthday gift - 95% done (just need to sew on shoulder straps)

Om Yoga Mat - DD#2 - 10% done (have not knitted a stitch, will get it after Christmas)
Nightmare Before Christmas Scarf - DD#1 - Will be done after Christmas

Opal Socks - ? - 50% done (have not knitted a stitch)
2 Soot Sprites - Stocking stuffers - Will be done after Christmas