Saturday, January 05, 2008

Gift Knitting 2008

This year I am going to be organized. I have joined the blog Year Long Gift-A-Long. There is a group on Ravelry as well. I am still participating in Stashalong for 2008. If I break this list into manageable chunks I should be able to do it!

My Goals & Gift Knitting To-Do List:

*Learn to crochet - I can do the basic stitches but cannot read a pattern. I always seem to have less stitches at the end of the row that I need & the items edge is on an angle.
*2 Charity items per month

Finish Opal Socks - Finished
Soot Sprites x2 - DD's 1&2: Feb 14
Celtic Beanie - DH: Feb 14 - Cast On
Fuzzy Felted Foot Warmers - Me: Feb

Om Yoga Mat Bag - DD#2's friend SS - birthday - Finished
Jayne Cobb Hat pin x3 x4 - Easter
Dolly Mama Cross Stitch - DD#1 - Easter
Pinwheel Purse Purple Socks - DD#2 - Easter

Extermaknit - DD#2

Twinkle Toes - LCF
Sheldon the Turtle -LCF

You Can't See My Feet Socks (Camo) - DD#1

Nightmare Before Christmas Scarf - DD#1
Kittyville Hat (Black) - DD#1
Shaun the Sheep Mobile

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Coke Bottle Pillow (or what we do for our Kids!! - Part 3)

Here we go again & it almost always involves DD#1's friend CL!!

DD#1's friend CL calls her at the beginning of December and asks her what she had for his birthday. She had not thought about it. He says "I would like another knitted pillow, this time with a naked girl on it". DD#1 said "In your dreams Bud!!"
I was going through Debbie Stoller's 'Stitch n Bitch' book & found the Mudflap girl. I asked her if she would like me to knit a pillow with the Mudflap girl on it. I got a resounding NO!! She had seen my early Christmas gift from DH, Debbie Stoller's 'Son of Stitch n Bitch'. She had seen the Hangover Helpers. Mum can you modify the Beer Bottle to make a Coke Bottle. I am sure CL has shares in Coke. He has a bar fridge in his room for his coke stash!!

Here is the finished project

CL is coming over this afternoon to get his prezzie!!! He has no idea what it is, all he knows is, it is knitted!!

Here is his reaction. I think he likes it!!