Saturday, January 01, 2005

Year-End Inventory

I started a Knitting Journal in January 2003 to keep a running total of what projects that I have completed. This is a great idea as you will never remember what you knitted in January when December rolls around. All I use is a hard backed lined book from the Dollar Store & add the months and projects as I go along.

This is my list for 2004:
Crocheted Doll Blanket - I did teach myself to crochet on Christmas break 2003 but do not enjoy crocheting, I prefer knitting
Snowball Toy - Mystery Knit-Along
Fun Fur Scarf - knitted for a friend
3 Draft Dodgers
39 Friendship squares - to join to make an afghan
Cotton Baby Bib
Double Hook Crochet Scarf
Felted Booga Bag
3 Robin Tops - for DD#2
Felted Ballerina Slippers - for DD#2
2 Bible Tote bags
Baby socks - Mystery Knit-Along
Odd Ball Afghan squares # 1, 2, 31, 9, 8, 24
6 Scarves
2 Vests
Dotted Swiss SlipOver - for DD#1
2 Boa Scarves - as gifts for Christmas
Garter Stitch Scarf - for DD#1's friend from school
10 Pneumonia Prevention Vests
Teddy Bear - Mystery Knit-Along
Elaines Scarf - for myself in 'Jewel Box' by Caron
Felted Fuzzy Feet
2 Jean Greenhowe Dolls
TV Vest (frogged & reknitted)
Kittyville Hat - for DD#1 who does not like hats. Wow!! she loves this one!
Ruffled Baby Blanket
Mystery Knit-Along for January - (Sorry cannot tell you what it is!! LOL!!)

What my Mum knitted in 10 weeks while she was here visiting:
4 Scarves
2 Toques
15 Baby Jackets
4 Pneumonia Prevention Vests
1 Robin Top
43 Washcloths

On the Needles:My first sock in Opal colour 108