Thursday, November 30, 2017

DavidsTea Review Rating System


This year we have a new rating system for the DavidsTea's tea reviews.   We decided to simplify the process.  Either we love the tea, it is OK or Never again - simple!

It is out of 3 & it goes like this:

3/3 = Love it

2/3 = It is OK

1/3 = Never Again

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tis That Time of Year

This year we decided to buy DavidsTea   "24 Days of Tea" instead of making our own.  When I was in the DavidsTea store, I looked at them all & decided there were enough we wanted to try or try again.  This year it will be a little different.  DD#1 has moved out, so there will only be 3 of us tasting the teas.  Looking forward to trying these teas in the '24 Days of Tea" advent calendar.  Review of the teas start on December 1st.