Sunday, July 04, 2010

This and That!

I am back!! I started the New Year with a bang as far as knitting went. I finished the Knot Bag in a couple of days.
I cast on the Albem Purse for DD#2 as well as Coraline Mittens for DD#1. Great start. so what happened. February came and with it the 2010 Ravelympics. I signed up for WIP's Wrestling. I had the Coraline Mittens to finish. I knew I did not have a lot of time to knit so decided that if I could get a small project finished for the Olympics I would be extremely happy. Half way through the Olympics I knew I was not going to meet that goal of finishing the mittens. Time to reassess the goal. I would be happy if I could get one mitten finished. Goal completed by the end of the Olympics. I am very pleased!

Then as it happens so often, Life Happens!! March, April, May came and went without knitting. I may have picked up the needles and knitted a couple of stitches but nothing to speak of. June was just about the same but life has calmed down quite a bit, much to my liking!! I picked up the needles again & finished the Albem Purse. DD#2 is extremely pleased with it!! DD#1 has now decided that she does not like/want the Coraline Mittens. What to do with one mitten?? She wants Bella's Mittens. I cast on Bella's Mittens in yarn that she bought from The Fibre Garden. The yarn is a lighter weight than the Cascade 109 that the pattern calls for. I have had to do a little juggling with the pattern as DD#1 has small hands. The yarn has been dyed with Yellow Onion Skins by DyeGuy. Bella's Mittens were cast on at the end of June & I finished the first mitten at the beginning of July. Great end to June & fantastic start to July.

Let's keep this momentum going!!