Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Déjà vu Afghan Project

"Danger Will Robinson Danger"
A Déjà vu Afghan project

My youngest daughter TeaMaven turned 21 this month.  I had a Friendship Afghan made for Canadiangirl my oldest daughter in November 2009.  I decided I would like to make TeaMaven an afghan as well.  In New Zealand the 21st birthday is a big deal - or at least when I was growing up.  This time I wanted to make the whole afghan myself -- rather ambitious but browsing through the Ravelry patterns I came across the Cat Afghan.  This was the inspiration for the final product.  My thoughts were I could make 25 squares quite easily myself as opposed to Canadiangirl's 49 squares that were collected.  Next thought was how many picture squares would I make.  I was going to make 8 like in the original pattern but when charting out silhouette graphs, it has to be a simple, easily identifiable object.  After much searching on the internet for silhouette pictures I came up with 4 and decided that was enough.  I ended up graphing a kiwi, teapot, maple leaf & cat.  Canadiangirl loves to knit so it was perfect for her to have a knitted afghan.  Now TeaMaven is learning to crochet & while I do not crochet that well I do enjoy Tunisian crochet.  I did have to Youtube how to change colours in Tunisian crochet but the video I came across was absolutely wonderful.

I crocheted the coloured 12 inch squares even when TeaMaven was home.  She did ask me at one time what I was making.  I said an afghan but she never asked who I was making it for.  I do use up stash & make afghans and other projects for charity so this was not unusual.  The graphed picture squares were crocheted while she was at school.  I loved Wednesdays, she was on the bus at 7 am & did not get home til around 6:30 pm.  It was a long day for her but I got the squares graphed onto graph paper & then crocheted on those Wednesdays.

Putting the squares together was another feat, especially when they are spread out on the living room floor & then have to be packed away before she got home.  I arranged the squares and took many photos so I would remember which layout I liked best.  I finally got it completed, crocheted together, gift wrapped & hidden in my bedroom closet.  The completed afghan looks absolutely wonderful!!