Saturday, September 29, 2007

DH's Christmas Socks

I have finished the first sock of DH's for Christmas. I have been motoring along quite well. I am nicely surprised as I was in the Frog Pond last week with these socks.
I started them & found that they were too saggy so frogged them & started again with another pattern. Much better with a K3, P1 rib.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Meet Roxy & Zoe!

Look what I made for DD#1.

I really had fun making them.

The pattern for Roxy is here. Zoe has the black face & is the opposite stripes to Roxy. They only took a couple of hours to make.

I used Bernat Super Value White & Black along with Dollarama Fun Fur, held together as one strand. (I had to use my September Free Day for Stashalong for the Bernat Super Value White as well as the Dollarama Fun Fur, but the Bernat Super Value Black I did find in my stash.)

I love the way they turned out. Stiff for the puppet body but with fur like a tiger. DD absolutely loves them. She cannot wait to take them to school for the Puppetry Workshop.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lincoln County Fair 2007

I entered into the Homecrafts & Garden Produce categories of the Lincoln County Fair & came away with 1 - 1st place, 2- 2nd places, 2 - 3rd places & 2 Fourth places. I am thrilled!! especially for my first time exhibiting in any fair.

For Homecrafts I entered 4 knitted items in these catergories
Slippers - Ballerina slippers - 1st
Lap Throw max 45" square - Multidirectional Baby Blanket - 3rd
Stuffed Toy - Norberta - 3rd
Any Other Knitted Article - Piggy Mobile Monster cellphone holder

For the Garden Produce I entered:
Peppers a Collection, 4 different peppers named - Blue Jay, Chocolate, Niagara, Shepherd - 4th
Peppers, 4 green pointed - 2nd
Carrots, 4 blunt type - yellow carrots - 4th
Tomatoes, 4 - Health Kick - 2nd

Lincoln County Fair 2007

Both DD's decided to exhibit in the Junior Fair of the Lincoln County Fair for 2007. DD#1 did exhibited in 2006 & came away with $30 in prize money - post here

This is the picture of DD#1's results. She came away with $26.00 & is thrilled.

Quilt - Bandana - 3rd
Cross-stitch Article - Boat - 1st
Knitted Article - Wavy Scarf - 3rd
My Collection - Coin Collection - 3rd
Sewn Article - Pillowcase - 2nd
10 Leaves, mounted & named - 1st
Something Made with Fun Foam - Door Hanger - 3rd
Sample of Calligraphy - Invitation - 1st
Soap Carving - Duck - 3rd

This year DD#2 decided she wanted to exhibit as well this year. This is her first year of exhibiting. She came away with $16 in prize money. She is thrilled.

Something Made with Fun Foam - Door Hanger - 1st
10 Leaves, Mounted & Named - 2nd
Plastic Canvas Article - Duck -1st
Origami Sample - 2nd
Dessert made with Ontario Peaches - 3rd

Not too bad for her first exhibiting in the Junior Fair. Wait till next year, she will not be competing with her sister. DD#1 advances to the adult section.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Done, Done, Done!!

As you can tell I am done with the Funky Punky Armwarmers. DD#2 is thrilled. I am soooooo glad that they are finally finished.

I have cast on DH's Christmas socks. We will have to see about SSS. I will be strong!! LOL!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Finishing Challenge Progress

Progress on the Funky Punky Armwarmers for Stashalong's September Finishing Challenge. I am on the home stretch. Cannot wait to finish them, then to cast on DH's Christmas socks. I will then have to watch for SSS!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Stashalong's September Finishing Challenge

Stashalong has a September Challenge. This one is to finish something already on the needles. I am not motivated to finish these Funky Punky Armwarmers. They are so boring!!!

I have already made 2 pairs, one for DD#1 & the other pair for her friend. Now I have to make another pair for DD#2. She asked for them--what can I say!!

This should motivate me -- then onto Christmas gifts.