Monday, September 24, 2007

Meet Roxy & Zoe!

Look what I made for DD#1.

I really had fun making them.

The pattern for Roxy is here. Zoe has the black face & is the opposite stripes to Roxy. They only took a couple of hours to make.

I used Bernat Super Value White & Black along with Dollarama Fun Fur, held together as one strand. (I had to use my September Free Day for Stashalong for the Bernat Super Value White as well as the Dollarama Fun Fur, but the Bernat Super Value Black I did find in my stash.)

I love the way they turned out. Stiff for the puppet body but with fur like a tiger. DD absolutely loves them. She cannot wait to take them to school for the Puppetry Workshop.


Blogger wrchili said...

Those are really cute!

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