Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Move Over Mobile Monster . . . Here Comes Jack!

As in the post Mobile Monster I made DD#1 a Pig Mobile Monster for her cell phone. I actually made two as the first one, I did not like the result. I added Bernat 'Souffle' yarn & the results are much better.

DD was thrilled. WAS as in past tense!! What happened?? Jack entered the picture.

DD's friend BW went to Toronto for a week. She found a 'Nightmare Before Christmas' cell phone holder in the shape of Jack's coffin. DD is a HUGE & I mean HUGE 'Nightmare Before Christmas' fan. Mobile Monster had to move over to Jack's coffin.

Jack's Coffin Cellphone Holder
The front & the back of Jack's Coffin.

Here is the cell phone happily sitting in Jack's Coffin.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Knitting Bag

This is my new knitting bag. It is great, I actually got it in June but kept forgetting to post a picture.

It is actually an icebucket, when compacted it looks like this.


The Inukshuk is another entry for the Lincoln County Fair. Both DD's have decided to enter this catergory. I am glad I am not the Judge as I cannot decided which one is better than the other.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Socks for Christmas

This is the sock yarn that I bought when I was in Muskoka in the middle of July. (Bought with my July free day for Stashalong.) It was bought from Sheepstrings in Huntsville. WOW!! I loved that store. I could have spent MORE money and time there but maybe it was good that we were pressed for time. I looked around Sheepstrings & when I wanted to purchase the yarn I had DH go into another store to get something else, my excuse this would save time. My DD says "You are good!!" The yarn is for DH for a pair of socks for Christmas, blue is his favourite colour. I have 4 months to make 2 (two) socks. I am known for SSS!!! We will see how this goes!!

Bandana Quilt

Another catergory at the Junior Fair of the Lincoln County Fair is Sewing & a sub-catergory is a Quilt. DD#2 entered a quilt last year at the fair and was thrilled with the results. She actually got first place so would like to see if she can repeat the winning streak!!! This year she decided to make a quilt out of bandana's. It is 4 bandana's x 4 bandana's. Wow!!! does this make the quilt rather large, approximately 80 inches x 80 inches.

DD#1 hard at work sewing the quilt

Bandana Quilt in progress.

Finshed Bandana Quilt

How the quilt looks on the bed.


Both DD's are entering the Junior Fair of the Lincoln County Fair. One of the Craft catergories is Painting, so they took over our picnic table on the patio.

Here is what the table looked like most of the day.

DD#2 hard at work!!

DD#2 went to a birthday party & she forgot to get a card so DD#1 decided to whip one up for her. Here is the results.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mobile Monsters

The Patons 'Be Mine' is the yarn DD#1 bought for to make a Mobile Monster from the book Stitch n Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller. The Bernat 'Souffle' I found in my stash.

I made a Pig Mobile Monster with the 'Be Mine' yarn & did not like the results. I found the Bernat 'Souffle' in my stash & decided to knit them together. Much better results!!

Ain't He Cute?
Made with Patons 'Be Mine' & Bernat 'Souffle'

Here he is with DD's new cell phone