Friday, June 27, 2008

Wasp Problem

We have had a wasp problem in our backyard for a few years. One year it was so bad that we could not eat outside because there would be about 20 wasps hanging around. As soon as the bbq was fired up the wasps came a swarming. We could not find the nest in our yard so thought it must be in our neighbours yard. The neighbours live inside all summer with the air conditioning on, so the wasps were not a problem for them.

We found a solution.
We bought one of these.

Below is what it looks like in our tree.
I think it looks great! Problem is we did not read the instructions very carefully.

Step 5 says:
Enjoy a wasp free area. Remember not to leave the simulated wasp nest in the rain or it will spoil. (It has been thoroughly wet a few times with the thunderstorms we have been having)

I decided that I would like to knit one but could not find a pattern. I did find a crocheted one called Wasp Be Gone Nest I did learn to crochet when I was a child but not very well. I really preferred knitting. I was also taught the British terminology. I had to find a book of crochet stitches so that I could figure out what the differences where in regards to the terminology. I think I did pretty well. I have finished the wasps nest & have already stuffed it with plastic bags.

Below is my crocheted version


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