Friday, June 20, 2008

What I Have Been Up To!!

So what have I been up to lately!! I went to Rose's Fine Yarns of Niagara for WWKIP Day, June 14, 2008. The weather co-operated nicely, thank you. Met lots of new knitters & crocheters in the area, as well as old friends. We had a wonderful time in the sitting area.

We all received goodie bags when we registered in the morning. In my goodie bag there was Pittsburgh yarn in a red colour, Filtes King Velour yarn in a grey colour, patterns, & a Webkinz cat. The cat was really cute & since DD#2 loves cats, I gave mine to her. She did not attend the event.

I made a Tudora from the purple Filtes King Velour my DD#1 received in her goodie bag. It turned out really nice. I was able to get away with only one skein of yarn as I only knitted 3 inches instead of 3.75 inches the pattern calls for. I made this for DD#1 & she is not a big person. It worked out perfect & looks really great on her. It will also look great with her black leather coat.



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