Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dancing with Sir Frogsalot!

DH bought me the book 'Son of Stitch n Bitch' for Christmas. While perusing the book he decided that he *needed* the Celtic Beanie for shoveling the driveway. No problem, it's a hat. On looking at the pattern closely I found out it is done in Double Knitting. I have never done double knitting. OK I can master a new skill & claim the points in Knitwars as well as casting on a new project. Bonus!!
I cast on, mastered the Double Knitting or so I thought! Knitted along quite happily when disaster struck on Row 9. Row 9 was the sticking point. I knit, I tink, I knit, I tink, I drop stitches, I pick them up, I knit, I tink. Frustrated I finally dance with Sir Frogsalot!! much to DH's dismay. I claimed the points for dancing. I cast on again & this time Knittin Mojo is with me or whatever it is. I am well past Row 9 & doing really well thank you!

The finished Celtic Beanie


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