Monday, January 01, 2007

First FO of 2007

The Travelin' Man Shoe Covers were finished this morning while DH was at work -- yes he worked from 9:00 am - 12:00 noon.

I had a really quiet morning, picked up DD#1 from a friends sleepover & knitted most of the morning while DD#2 & her friend slept in from their sleepover. DD#1 was in bed also.

DH is going away for work in January, March, & possibly the beginning & end of September. I found this pattern at Lionbrand. Ideal for his shoes when traveling -- no more plastic bags!
At first when I showed them to him, he thought they were slippers. Then when his shoe was in one of them, he said 'Shoe Slippers'

On the Needles I have the Monk's Travel Satchel -- I am really struggling with this!! It is sooooooo boring & tedious. I will be glad when it is finished. I have done all the pieces except the strap & I have barely started it. I need a Knitting Fairy to finish this project as DD#1 can't wait until it is finished.

Happy New Year & All The Best for 2007


Blogger MJ said...

Those shoe covers are a great idea!

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