Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bonta Kun (or what we do for our Kids!!)

Bonta Kun?
He is an anime character from "Full Metal Panic Fumoffu"
DD #1 has a friend BW who has a birthday coming up at the end of November - This is the friend that I made a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf for last birthday - She NEVER took it off ALL WINTER!! - greatest compliment in my book!!

This year DD decided that BW needed a knitted bag like "Poster Boy" from Stitch n Bitch Nation but with an anime character as BW is a HUGE and I mean HUGE fan!!

So what is BW's favourite anime character??

DD phones BW and says "I am doing a survey, What is your 5 favourite anime characters?"
BW gives them to her in no particular order - wonderful, I can choose any character!
At the end of the conversation BW says to DD "What class is your survery for?"
DD replies "Mind Your Own Business Class"

We find that the easiest character to graph from BW's list is "Bonta Kun"
Now to find an image, download it, photoshop it, & transfer it onto Knitting Graph Paper.
It took most of Monday between laundry loads. (Housework does call) LOL!!

I found an image of Bonta Kun
Downloaded it

DH took out the background in photoshop

Then the Fun started!
I ended up using a filter "Find Edges" and after cleaning it up came up with this

I then used the backdoor window pane glass to get light behind the paper and proceeded to trace Bonta Kun onto Knitting Graph Paper.

Now to start knitting this beast!!!
Yarn was in my stash - BONUS!!!

DD: Mum, BW is going to FLIP when she sees this bag, she will use it 24/7
Me: You mean she will take it to bed?
DD: (laughing) probably!!

Update: October 4, 2006
Bonta Kun Knitting Graph picture added


Anonymous Isabelle said...

What a work of Art, Julie! It is fantastic! 2 thumbs up! :-)

10:48 pm  

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