Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's Fall & Back to a Routine!

It's fall & the girls are back in school.
What happened to the Summer??
My Mum visited us for 2 months and we had a wonderful time. I did get some knitting done and actually got her to knit as well. She used up some of my stash! WAAA HOOO!!!

Mum's Totals
10 - Pneumonia Prevention Vest
13 - Dishcloths
plus she finished a Winnie the Pooh 1026 piece Photomosiac jigsaw - now to get it framed!!

Well I was not slacking either.
I read 16 books plus did some knitting
2 - Multidirectional Triangle Scarves
1 - Black Eyelash Scarf
2 - Scrap Square Garter Stitch Lapghans
Irish Hiking Scarf
Dust Mop Cover
Fly Cobweb Catcher

Not bad eh??


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