Monday, July 03, 2006

The Amazing Lace: Clapotis is Finished!!

My Amazing Lace project er... team-mate has quit on me & this is only the beginning of July.

I am going to have to find another team-mate. I may have to start another Clapotis. I absolutely love this pattern. I have not blocked it yet. I am not sure whether I want to block it as I like how it rolls. It is more of a shawl than a scarf. It was made with Patons Decor 'Pale Taupe Heather'.

I wore it on Sunday at church. The AC is soooooo cold that I felt that I was walking into a walk in freezer. Brrrrrrr!!! Never took it off all service!! I love it.

Not sure who my next team-mate for the Amazing Lace will be!!


Blogger MysteryKnitter said...

Hi! Hesira tagged me, so I'm tagging you!

Consider yourself 'tagged'/'memed', whatever they're calling it today in the blog-o-sphere:

(copy and paste and answer on your blog)

1. What is the ugliest thing you've ever knit?

2. What is the most beautiful thing you've ever knit?

3. Who are your fave knitting designers, living or dead? (name up to 3)

4. Do you watch Knitty Gritty on DIY?

5. Have you ever knit in your sleep? (not just dreaming, has someone seen you make the motions?)

6. Have you ever taught someone to knit?

7. How many WIP's or UFO's, currently?

8. Circulars, or straights?

9. Fave 'thing-item' to knit?

10 Name the person who 'tagged-memed' you.


then, after you've put it on YOUR blog, tag-meme someone else! (and tell the blogging public WHOM you're going to tag/meme!

5:55 pm  
Blogger BLACK DOG KNITS said...

That's it! You've inspired me to knit (another) Clapotis in a solid colour.

6:23 am  

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