Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Amazing Lace: Challenge #1 - Meet the Team

Hi! My name is Clapotis & I am the team-mate of CanadianKiwi for the Amazing Lace. I was so happy when she chose me as her team-mate but as I can already tell this is going to be a rocky relationship.
This is the summer of the Amazing Lace.
Is it not??
& I AM suppose to be Number 1.
OK! I am not exactly lace but I DO have holes!!

This girl is usually a one-project person so I was going to be the centre of attention. YAY!!
NOT SO - she has joined a few KAL's & to make matters worse has also CAST ON!!

She speaks of the Irish Hiking Scarf as simple & elegant & Soleil as going to look absolutely wonderful on DD#1 (green is her colour) WELL WHAT ABOUT ME????

It is all the fault of that Stashalong that she has fallen of the wagon (see: Falling off the Wagon & Finished Projects & MORE Cast On's)
(I do feel special in the fact that she had to BUY yarn for me.)

Will somebody please stop her!!
I need to be the centre of attention & now she is talking about Clapotis #2 Arrrrrgh!!!

I need more RESPECT!!


Anonymous Rachel said...

Ouch, that is harsh that she is talking about Clapotis #2 in front of Clapotis #1! Poor you, I hope you get the respect you deserve soon.

8:43 pm  

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