Friday, October 24, 2008

Creativ Festival

Canadiangirl and myself went to the Creativ Festival in Toronto on Saturday, October 18. We piled into the car with 3 others. Had a wonderful time. Canadiangirl and myself had never been before so it was a new experience for us. I must admit that I was a bit disappointed as it was advertised as a "Knitting Explosion" There was not too many knitting vendors so what has it been like other years!!

Our Haul:

Canadiangirl found these Elizabeth Zimmermann books at the Gemini Fibre booth. She could not resist. What can I say, I can use them too!! (I had ordered "The Knitting Workshop" & "Knitting Without Tears" from Knitpicks)

Also got these magazines all for $15.50. They were damaged. I cannot see any damage & the price was $2.50 - $3.00 per magazine.

I have been crocheting a baby blanket & as I hold the crochet hook "like a pitchfork" (so I have been told by an instructor) I find that my hand gets cramps. Not anymore. This ergonomic crochet is wonderful & the egg warms in your hand. Love it!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kiwi! I had a lot of fun at the Fest too, and it was great to see you and DD#1 again. :) I'm loving my crochet hooks too. samm

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