Sunday, April 29, 2007

Robert Munsch & Sewing

DD#1 & I went to see "Robert Munsch" live this morning. The storytelling was absolutely wonderful. I love Robert Munsch. Did manage to get a couple of books autographed as well after the show.

DD#2 & DH went to see him this afternoon. You get the seats you can. The theatre was full. DD got to participate in the show. She was thrilled. DD managed to get her photo taken with Robert Munsch. We forgot to take the camera this morning.

This afternoon when DD#2 & DH were out seeing Robert Munsch. DD#1 wanted to do some sewing. We got some sewing panels from a garage sale yesterday. DD started with a quilt made out of bandana's. It is 4x4 bandana's square. Actually makes the quilt quite large. (Photo of the top of quilt to follow)

This is what I made this afternoon from one of the panels.

DD actually started to make this, but it was rather difficult as she is only a beginner sewer. She did the stuffing of the doll. She is thrilled with it.

At the garage sale she also got panels for making an Americana Doll with clothing & holding a mini quilt, a Noah's Ark with Noah & some animals & clothes for an 18 inch doll. She also got a Winnie the Pooh T-Shirt, Fabric transfers, & I added a sewing pattern.
Her total purchases came to $4


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