Thursday, March 15, 2007

Funky Punky Armwarmers

These are the Funky Punky Armwarmers that DD wanted. She was not enthusiastic about knitting on dpn's so I was asked to make them.

Pattern is here

DD's friend now wants a pair. Well it is a great project to use up those leftover balls of yarn.


Blogger Brown Berry said...

From one Canadian to another, I wanted to say rock on! Just looked at your stashalong/no yarn ticker - I am impressed!

6:12 pm  
Blogger muffinmidi said...

Hi1 My nam is Tracy and I live in Florida. I belong to 25 things for Charity under my blog name, Muffinmidi.I reall enjoy your posts. So ar I've crocheted six scarves and am now doing some kitty blankets. The scarves I sent to a charity in my native land, Connecticut. The kitty blankets will probably go to a local animal rescue charity. I like thw wavy scarf and am going to try and adapt it for crochet. I love the varigated yarns and think the scarf pattern would look good in those color combinations.
I'm also an avid reader and am following your TBR challenge. I'll comment on that blog another day.

11:21 pm  

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