Monday, December 21, 2015

David’s Tea: 24 Days of Tea – Day 21 – Cardamom French Toast

Cardamom French Toast

DD#1 - 3/4
DD#2 - 4/4
Bruce - 3/4
Me - 3/4
(family average - 3.25/4)

Black Tea
Something about cardamom just puts us in a festive frame of mind. We love its rich, fragrant taste any way we can get it. One of our faves? The buttery, cardamom-scented Christmas breads popular in Sweden and Finland. And cardamom toast is great,it only stands to reason that cardamom French toast would be out of this world. With black tea, cardamom, cane sugar and cinnamon, this rich, sweet blend tastes just like the decadent breakfast of our dreams. Only this is one brunch item you’ll be wanting all day long.

This one definitely needs turbinado sugar.  Yummy!!

Sweetener of choice: Turbinado Sugar



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