Tuesday, December 15, 2015

David’s Tea: 24 Days of Tea – Day 15 – Honey, I Dew

Honey, I Dew

DD#1 - 1/4
DD#2 - 3/4
Bruce - 3/4
Me - 2/4
(family average - 2.25/4)

White Tea
In Vietnam, melons are a sign of good luck. In Chinese medicine, they’re said to help cool the body down. Around here, we think they’re just about the tastiest fruit around – especially when you pair them with fresh, delicate white tea. With fruity hints of pineapple and mango, this melon-packed blend is refreshing, juicy and naturally sweet. The best part? This tea was named by our customers! Is there anything they can’t dew?

This one actually tastes like Honey Dew melon.  Rather different!   Bruce & DD#2 really like this one.  I gave it a 2 & DD#1 gave it a 2 before adding agave then it dropped to a 1.

Sweetener of choice:  Agave



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