Monday, December 07, 2015

David’s Tea: 24 Days of Tea – Day 07 – North African Mint

North African Mint

DD#1 - 1/4
DD#2 - 1/4
Bruce - 3/4
Me - 1/4
(family average - 1.5/4)

Green Tea
Explore Northern Africa, from its souks to its deserts, with this intense combination of spices and mint. It combines organic green tea and peppermint with organic cardamom, ginger, licorice root, fennel clove and black pepper. Deliciously sweet, with all the romance of the Maghreb.

The mint monster in our house said never again.  I think it must be just real fresh mint from the garden she likes.  Bruce did like this one, giving it a 3/4.  DD#1 & I said never again as well.

Sweetener of choice: Agave



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