Friday, June 08, 2007

KAL within a KAL Project Finished

The Irish Cable Bag is finished.

It is different from the pattern because I could not find the pattern. I had photocopied the chart of the pattern so I could write on the chart. You cannot write in books!! Also the pattern is from a book that I got from the library. I cannot remember the name of the book, also I cannot be bothered to go and try and find it again, so I since I was exactly half done I did the back of the bag in stocking stitch. Yes I believe it is cheating but I wanted it finished!!

DD#2 claimed it & really liked the back plain, so that is a bonus.


Blogger Kim said...

The bag turned out great!! I love that.

Now do you want me to take you out of the KAL within a KAL OR just mark you as finished? (Originally I wasn't sure how long it would take everyone to finish but if that's all you wanted to get done and you're done then I can just mark you as finished and you will have earned a free day?) Let me know :)

Happy knitting.

3:03 pm  

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