Thursday, November 14, 2013

Davids Teas

We stopped at Davids Teas at Mississauga Square One on the way home from Toronto after spending the day at Garden Expo.  After getting a hot tea, we decided to get 10g of 4 different teas to sample when were got home.

Here are the 4 we chose & what we thought of them. 

Bruce's choice: Coffee Pu'erh -  5/5 stars
"Even coffee addicts go crazy for cooked pu'erh laced with coffee beans-plus caramel, chocolate and almond extracts."

Bruce was the only one to try this tea as we do not like coffee.  He had it with 1.5 tsps of turbindo sugar & a little bit of milk.  If you love coffee you would like this tea--it's tea that tastes like coffee.

My choice:  Honey Bee - 4/5 stars
"This honey-flavoured nectar of mate, honeybush, rooibos and lemon is just about the sweestest energy-enhancer around"

We all tried the tea Honey Bee, but only Bruce, myself and DD2 really liked this one.  Sweetener of choice, agave.

DD#1's choice was Birthday Cake - 4/5 stars
"This sweet and festive rooibos blend brings the taste of birthday cake to your cup andy day of the year -- sprinkles and all.  Caffeine-free"

We all tried this tea as well but only DD1 & myself liked this one.  DD1 likes it so much we ordered more for her birthday party, she will be having Birthday Cake Tea with dessert.  Sweetener of choice, agave

DD#2's choice: Guava Cadabra - 5/5 stars
"With mango, hibicus and guava, this sweet, tropical fruit blend is seriously magical.  Ice yourself a cup and prepare to fall under its spell.  Caffeine-free"

Wow! We all tried Guava Cadabra & this is a tea that will regularly be in our tea cupboard.  We all LOVED this tea.  Sweetener of choice, honey.


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