Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday was a Snow Day for all students in the Niagara area. We were suppose to get Snowmageddon but it did not materialize. We did get a fair amount of snow but not the amount predicted. Not sure whether I would have liked 45 cm of snow, 15-20 cm was enough to shovel.

DD1 has a birthday party to go to on Saturday night. She decided because this was a snow day she would make something. She dug out this book.

The Birthday girl (EC) loves ponies so this is the pattern DD1 decided to make.

The pony in progress

The finished pony without a saddle & one with a saddle.

The pony turned out really cute but was rather fiddly to make. This was definitely a joint effect.

Now it is back to make pj pants and other sewing!

EC absolutely *LOVED* the pony. She actually squeed in the restaurant!!


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