Saturday, January 08, 2011


I am done, done, done with my Christmas sewing!! DD#1 loves the book "Mabel Murple" & DD#2 loves the colour purple. Actually it is her favourite colour. DD#2 had a purple leather skirt that she wore & wore until she could not wear it anymore. Obviously she would not let me do anything with it, so it was left in the fabric drawer.

DD#1 decided that DD#2 needed a purple bear named 'Snickernickerbox' for Christmas just like the bear in the book Mabel Murple. DD#1 did not have time to sew the bear so guess who was voluntold to do the sewing.

Here is the finished project

She had a purple teddy bear named Snickernickerbox. (And he SNORED!!)

Extremely happy DD2


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