Saturday, December 14, 2013

David’s Tea DIY Advent Calendar – Day 14 – Dragon Pearls

Dragon Pearls

DD#1 - 4/5
DD#2 - 5/5
Bruce - 3/5
Me -  2/5
(family average - 3.5/5)

Green Tea
'Incredible as it seems, each of these pearls was hand-rolled.  When you infuse them in hot water, they will release the most intensely beautiful scent as they slowly unravel and come to life.'

This was DD#2 choice.  She loves green tea and this one is a winner.  This is a close second to Butterfly Jasmine which is nice as Butterfly Jasmine is rather expensive.  DD#1 gave it a 4/5 which is high for her.  Bruce thought it was ok & I didn't like it but then I don't like green tea.  Sweetener of choice, none!



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