Saturday, February 16, 2013

Into the Abyss -- Book Review

Into the Abyss:  How a Deadly Plane Crash Changed the Lives of a Pilot, a Politician, a Criminal & a Cop by Carol Shaban. 

I read a review for this book "Into the Abyss" by Carol Shaban a while ago in the Saturday Toronto Star.  It's a true account of a plane crash that occurred on October 19, 1984 piloted by then 24 year old Erik Vogel.  Only 4 passengers where to survive that night, the pilot, a politician, a criminal & a cop.  This crash would have made national newspaper headlines as much for the survivors as well as the deceased.  This happened 9 months after I arrived in Canada.  I do not remember the headlines or news stories.  After reading the Toronto Star review I immediately put the book on hold at the public library.  There was already about 3 holds ahead of me making my wait around 9 weeks if everyone held onto the book for the 3 weeks borrowing period.  About a week ago I received a phone call to say the book was ready to be picked up.  I got home & started to read "Into the Abyss".  That was a mistake.  There is only one word to describe "Into the Abyss" and that is RIVETING!  I could not put it down.  Making dinner was forgotten, I think the girls ended up making homemade KD and hot dogs for dinner that night.  "Into the Abyss" is clear, concise, powerful and wonderfully written.  Make sure you have plenty of time to read "Into the Abyss" because you are not going to be able to put it down.  Definitely recommended!!



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